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7/53X Fotograma de película


Ingmar Bergman

Don’t you think I understand?
The hopeless dream of being.
Not seeming, but being.
In every waking moment aware, alert.
The tug of war… what you are with others and who you really are.
A feeling of vertigo and a constant hunger to be finally exposed.
To be seen through, cut down… even obliterated.

Every tone of voice a lie.
Every gesture false.
Every smile a grimace.



Una de mis películas favoritas… Ha sido todo un placer hacer la foto de esta semana.

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6/53X Clave alta

So why’d you have to lie?
I take it I’m your crutch
The pillow in your pillow case
Is easier to touch

reto653x[Exif: 1/60 s; f/1.8; 50mm; ISO-3200]